About us

We are a Brighton boutique digital agency offering user-centred design, web development and programming. Our software solutions approach is hands-on, backed by considerable multisector experience.


The challenge: keep it simple and usable.

About us

We are a small agency offering programming, web development and user-interface design. We love solving complex problems.

Chie Consulting Ltd works in partnership with www.sandrastaufer.com.

Why use us?

We are a reliable technology partner, offering C, C++, C Sharp.

We also partner with proven highly capable experts to assist in executing the build of your website project.

Our expertise also extends to user-centred design for websites in WordPress.

What we deliver

We bring strong commercial experience and we strive to deliver a high standard of programming, build and design.

We love getting to grips with a good brief and finding solutions that deliver results.

What can we do for your business?

Call Chie Nwawudu for programming services on +44 (0) 7890103321.

Call Sandra Staufer

for UI design and illustration

+44 (0)7818625398.