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Software services, development, User-Interface (UI) design & digital illustration for your business

We are a Brighton boutique agency offering user-focused design, development and programming. Our software solutions approach is hands-on, backed by considerable multisector experience. We also partner with proven highly capable experts to assist in executing the build of your website project.


Software services

We offer a wide range of software solutions for various sectors such as: engineering, automation and simulation.

We are systematic problem solvers with good documentation skills having extensive experience with real-time software design, implementation and integration.

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User-interface design

Taking a 'mobile first' approach we aim to deliver a strong responsive design that will work across diverse platforms whilst appreciating the different motivations on each.

Because we have a strong graphic design foundation we can focus on empowering the design to create emphasis and draw attention to the key priorities and goals on the user journeys. We can be very creative here and explore the online brand whilst making the experience consistent with other channels.

Our extensive experience helps create innovative solutions.

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Hard-working pictures...

... for your website and promotional material.

Are you likely to hold your audience on your website for longer than 3 seconds?

Do you need to make your homepage interface more bespoke and personal?

The combination of illustration and user-centred design can create an engaging online experience.

We design and build websites. But we also create hard-working visuals for your marketing, be that online or offline.