Creating engaging PowerPoint presentations

Illustration by sandra staufer for heads-up coaching

"A picture paints a thousand words."


Illustrations help your presentations and blogs be more effective, personable and memorable.

It is hard enough to find engaging content for a presentation, even harder to get people to actively listen. A few nice, friendly illustrations in the right place can help an organisation stand out from the competition and have a more profound influence on the audience, especially in a high-pressured presentation, or a tender process.

Stock imagery VS bespoke illustrations

The web is full of stock images and marketing departments are often tasked with trawling through stock libraries to find appropriate visual assets and icons for presentations and blogs. This can quite easily be inefficient and time-consuming. Furthermore, the outcome can be a mixture of unconnected visuals which do not represent your brand's organisation cohesively. Choosing an illustrator to produce a library of assets which can be reused for your PowerPoint presentations and blogs is a compelling way of communicating a coherent brand message. It will certainly take away the pain of finding assets yourself. Each illustration should be designed to enhance and clarify your message.

The important thing is to maintain a consistent visual illustration style that represents your organisation well. Illustrations will be an exact match to your story and can equally become part of the organisation's design system (perceptual patterns).

A good example, where illustrations have become part of a design system and a brand asset:, where music and cheeky illustrations are combined to represent the TSB brand. When TSB split from Lloyds Bank, a change in their illustrative style gave them a very friendly and approachable feel, clearly differentiating their brand from Lloyds. Another good example: I simply love the drawings as they illustrate the messages with humour.

A picture paints a thousand words. Illustrations are like the glue that helps hold the attention of the audience or the reader. By doing so, they will unconsciously gain a better understanding of your topic. A large part of our brain is devoted to visual processing. Because of our impressive ability to take in and process optical elements, we’re able to understand an idea much quicker if it was conveyed using visuals. Especially when the user hasn't much time, such as here, on this events portal; a nice personal illustration makes your event stand out.


Personalise your tender proposals and stand away from your competition

For a tender design especially, it's critical that you stand out above the competition and clearly show the potential customer that you care and that your proposal is unique. Reading a document with creative, humorous assets would create a better experience and will certainly help the reader remember your proposal.

Presentations and tenders are often required with a quick turnaround. So is a personal illustration style the right way forward? Well, that depends on the style of illustrations, of course. A life-sketched 'hand-drawn' approach, for example, is quick, effective and spontaneous. Let us not forget to add a pinch of humour or sarcasm if allowed, as this will definitely add a 3rd dimension to a presentation.

Make your event stand out

Standing out from others isn't always easy; especially when the user hasn't much time, such as here, on this events portal; a nice personal illustration makes your event stand out.

Let's have some fun

Our illustrations style is very suitable for quick turn-round PowerPoint presentation project, a tender proposal and a blog. We are happy to fulfil one-off projects or commit to a monthly subscription e.g. for a monthly blog. Wanna give us a try?